Home Improvement Guide

Home Improvement Guide

If you are a for sale by owner home seller you can actually make a profit when selling your home.  There are certain things you can do before you put your home on the market to increase its value.  By increasing your home’s value you can increase your profits.  You can increase your profits by making certain home improvements.  Before placing your home for sale on the open market there are a list of things you can do to help raise your asking price for your home.  Consider these guidelines before starting any home improvement projects that will get you ready for your sale.

When selling your home that is in excellent condition it is not necessary to do home improvements that will not make you a profit.  For instance, if your home is in excellent condition spending $1000 on home improvements will not generally help raise the value of your home.  Therefore you will not be able to raise your asking price by $1000.  Although this will work if your home is in poor condition.  If you have made improvements on a home that was in poor condition you will be able to raise your asking price.

Currently renovating or remodeling your kitchen is the number one selling point for home buyers.  If you plan on renovating before you put your home on the market your kitchen would be the best place to start. By updating your kitchen with the latest technology and cabinetry you will be able to raise the asking price, as this will save the potential buyer money as they will not have to renovate the kitchen after their purchase.

Another renovation or remodel to consider is the bathroom.  Bathroom renovations or remodels came in second on the list for potential selling points to home buyers.  An updated bathroom or an additional bathroom could be a strong buying point for a potential buyer.  When speaking of additions you can also add a family room to increase your home’s value.  Other renovations or additions would include a deck or a patio.  Depending on a buyer’s need this may increase your home’s value.  You can also use these renovations or additions to raise your asking price.

If a complete renovation or addition is not in your plans you can always improve your home by spicing up the interior.  There are certain things you can do to make your home that you are selling look updated. You can change the color of the paint on the wall or replace the molding.  You can also replace out dated or broken items as this will help improve your asking price.

In the event that your home is in poor condition you will need to fix any electrical problems that may exist. Also if you have a leak in the roof this will have to be fixed before it will pass a home inspection or appraisal.  You will not be able to sell your home until these issues are repaired.  It is also advisable to make sure a trained professional does any of the work that you are not qualified or able to do on your own.  This will save you money in the long run and help you increase your profits as a for sale by owner seller.


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