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Rap Jingle

We can help you sell a home in the rain, sleet, hail, or snow
We can help you sell a home if you can’t do it on your own
Help people find homes that they always wanted
we offer free house listings For Sale By Owner

You can list a house for free without any problems
You can even save yourself like thousands of dollars
Reach thousands of buyers… and
Our marketing techniques work in like every environment

If you’re a home owner or an investor visit REI247
If you’re a home owner or an investor visit REI247.com


Oldies Jingle

I want to sell the house that I live in
And one I own as an investment
So I found a place with free listings

The listings are completely free
No credit card needed from you or me
And you’re add’s in front of hundred thousands to see
While saving thousands in commissions and fees

Dot com is where you got to be
For listings that are completely free


Funny Jingle

why not get in contact with us
we will save you all the bother
of looking around esate agents
who will try and do you over

our service is magnificent
and it dont come at a fee
something for nothing
always sounds good to me

so call our company you will
think you are in heaven
or check our website we’re


Short & To The Point Jingle

Let us help you sell your home
For Free


Ukulele Jingle

We’re REI247
A great place to list your property
With no credit cards it’s completely free
With interested buyers on our site
You’ll sell your home at the right price
Only at REI247.com


Catchy Jingle

Free house listings for investors
Free house listings for sale by owners
At REI247.com
That’s REI247




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